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KPMV– High voltage solid soft stater device

Product Overview

KPMV series high voltage solid state soft starter device is the latest generation of perfect, reliable and convenient maintenance of high-tech products. It is mainly used for starting and stopping control and protection of squirrel cage asynchronous synchronous starter.The device adopts a number of thyristor series and connected, can meet the current and voltage requirements .

they are widely used in rated voltage 3000-10000V power ,building materials ,chemical, metallurgy steel

, paper making and other industries .it is the ideal high voltage motor starting and protection equipment for mercury water,blower compressor, grinder mixer,Pitty machine and other mechanical equipment.

Device Introduction

High voltage soft starter is a new intelligent motor starter, it is suitable for squirrel-cage asynchronous and synchronous motors. It is a Integrated motor terminal control equipment of starter, display, Protection, data collection . Users can achieve more complex control functions by using fewer components. The high-voltage soft starter controls the input voltage through the conduction Angle between the control items in order to change the voltage value at he starter end of a motor, that is, control the starting torque and starting current of the motor to realize the motor soft start control. High voltage soft starter can accelerate smoothly according to the set starting parameters, thus reducing the electrical and mechanical impact on the power grid, motor and equipment. When the motor reaches the rated speed, the bypass contactor is switched on automatically. The high voltage soft starter continues to monitor the motor after starting and provides various fault protection.

Technical characteristics

Component composition:High voltage SCR module, SCR protection component, optical fiber trigger component, vacuum switch component, signal acquisition and protection component, system control and display component.

SCR module: SCR modules with the same parameters in each phase are installed in series and parallel.

SCR protection components: mainly including RC network composed of overvoltage absorption network, composed by the voltage sharing unit of voltage sharing protection network.

Fiber trigger components: Use strong trigger pulse circuit, to ensure the trigger consistency and reliability, using fiber optic trigger to Realize high and low voltage isolation .

Vacuum switch component: after starting, three-phase vacuum bypass contactor automatically pulls in . the motor is working into power grid operation.

Signal acquisition & protection components: the voltage transformer, current transformer, lightning arrester collect main circuit voltage, current signal acquisition, the main CPU control and make corresponding protection.

System control and display components: 32-bit ARM core microcontroller execution center control. LCD/touch screen display, can display three-phase voltage, Current, information, running status, etc.

Cabinet structure adopts KYN28 high voltage switch cabinet body, the main structure adopts 2mm aluminum-zinc steel plate compound folding process, cabinet door adopts 2mm cold rolled steel plate compound folding process, cabinet door adopts electrostatic spraying process, with the characteristics of im act resistance corrosion resistance and beautiful a                                                                                                                                                         earance. The rotection level is IP40.

Functional features

A variety of starting ways;

Starting control: the machine is equipped with local, remote (external dry contact), PLC. Communication (485 interface. Modbus) signalling control function.

Soft start/direct start with conversion function;

Thyristor protection: resistance and capacitance absorption dynamic and static voltage sharing technology, to ensure the reliable and safe operation of power devices in series under high voltage

Strong anti-interference Modular design

Communication interface: RS-485 communication interface, embedded standard MODBUS protocol, convenient configuration connection

Analog signal output: 4-20mA signal Memory of 15 failures

Advanced and perfect start and stop function High reliability, High security, Practical.

Technical Parameters

Rated Voltage 3000—10000VAC
Working Frequency 50Hz
Phase Sequence Allowed to work in any phase sequence (phase sequence detection can be set by parameter))
Main Loop Composition 12SCRS、18SCRS、30SCRS(Depending on the model and rated voltage)
Bypass Contactor Contactor with direct starting capacity
Control Power AC220V±15%
Transient voltage overload protec tion                dv/dt Absorption of protection
Starter per hour No more than 3 starting times per hour

Environmental conditions

:-10℃ -±50℃
    relative humidity:5% -95% Without condensation                                          

Capacity reduction is required when the altitude exceeds 1500 meters

Protection Parameters
open-phase protection Disconnect any phase of the main power supply during startup or operation
Working overcurrent protection Run overcurrent protection Settings:20~500%
Phase current imbalance protecti on                 Phase current imbalance protection:0~100%
overload protection Overload protection level:10A、10、15、20、25、30
Underload protection Overload protection level:10A、10、15、20、25、30
overtime of Starting limitation of Starting time :0~120S
Phase Sequence Protection Allows to work in any phase sequence (can be set by parameter)
Ground protection Protection when grounding current is bigger than the set value
Communication Description
Communicatin Agreement Modbus RTU
Communication Connector RS485
Network Connection Each RZMV can communicate with 30 RZMV devices on the network
Function Through the communication interface, you can observe the running status and program
Operation Interface
LCD display (optional contact screen) LCD liquid crystal display (optional touch screen display)
)language Chinese , English
keyboard 6 touch film buttons
Strument display system
Master Power Supply Display three-phase main voltage
Three Phase Current Display three-phase main loop current
Data Record
Error Record Record the latest15 faults
Starting Times Record the starting times of the device
Voltage Parameter        P o w e r (kW) Size Size                  R a t e d C u r r e n t (A) W (mm) H (mm) D (mm)



400 KPMV-400-3 100  






630 KPMV-630-3 150
1600 KPMV-1600-3 400 1150 2300 1500
2500 KPMV-2500-3 600 Customized






420 KPMV-420-6 50  






630 KPMV-630-6 75
1250 KPMV-1250-6 150
1600 KPMV-1600-6 200  






2500 KPMV-2500-6 300
3300 KPMV-3300-6 400
4150 KPMV-4150-6 500  


5000 KPMV-5000-6 600














420 KPMV-420-10 30  


















630 KPMV-630-10 45
800 KPMV-800-10 60
1250 KPMV-1250-10 90
1500 KPMV-1500-10 110
1800 KPMV-1800-10 130
2250 KPMV-2250-10 160
2500 KPMV-2500-10 180
2800 KPMV-2800-10 200  


















3500 KPMV-3500-10 250
4000 KPMV-4000-10 280
4500 KPMV-4500-10 320
5500 KPMV-5500-10 400
6000 KPMV-6000-10 430
7000 KPMV-7000-10 500
8500 KPMV-8500-10 600
10000 KPMV-10000-10 720  


15000 KPMV-15000-10 1080


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