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CKG4-12D/630 Vacuum Contactor Switch

CKG4-12D/630 Vacuum Contactor Switch

The vacuum contactor uses a vacuum arc extinguishing chamber to extinguish the arc, which is used to frequently connect and cut off normal working current.

It is usually used to remotely connect and disconnect 6kV, 380V (660V, 1140V) AC motors with frequent starting and stopping of medium and low voltage.

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CKG4-12D/630  Vacuum Contactor Switch

Vacuum contactors are used in distribution systems with AC 50Hz and rated working voltages of 1140V, 660V, and 380V for the main circuit. It is widely used in industrial enterprises for frequently operating large load currents, and is particularly suitable for harsh environments and flammable and explosive hazardous areas.

Model: CKG4-12D/630

Rated voltage: 12KV

Rated current: 630A

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Control voltage: 220V


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