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CKJ5-250 Vacuum Contactor Switch

CKJ5-250 Vacuum Contactor Switch

Main features of CKJ5

1. Adopting a vacuum arc extinguishing chamber, dynamic and static contacts, metal shielding cover, corrugated pipe, and a ceramic ring;

2. Vacuum media have high insulation strength and fast dielectric recovery speed.

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CKJ5-250 Vacuum Contactor Switch

Vacuum AC contactors are mainly composed of vacuum switch tubes and accessories, and are mainly suitable for feeding networks with AC 50Hz, rated voltage up to 1140V, and rated current up to 600A. They are used for long-distance connection and disconnection of circuits, as well as frequent starting and stopping of AC motors.


Rated voltage: 1.14KV

Rated current: 250A

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Control voltage: 220V


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