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Drop-Out Fuse Cutout

Drop-Out Fuse Cutout

Drop-out fuse cutouts and load-switching fuse cutouts are of outdoor used high-voltage protective device, To be connected with an incoming feeder of the distribution transformer or distribution lines, it mainly protects the transformer or lines from short circuit and overload, and on/off loading currents, Drop-out fuse cutout is composed of insulate insulator supports and fuse tube, static contacts is fixed on two sides of insulator support and moving contact is installed on two ends of fuse tube, Fuse tube is composed of inside arc-extinguishing tube.

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Outer phenolic compound paper tube or epoxy glass tube, Load switching fuse cutout provides enforced elastic auxiliary contacts and arc-extinguishing enclosure for switching on-off loading current.

At normally working via fuse link tightened the fuse tube is fixed to form up of close position. In case the system occurs faults, fault current results In the fuse melting immediately and taking place electric arc, which let the arc-extinguishing tube be heated and explode a lot of gas, This will produce high pressure and blow off the arc along with the tube. After the fuse link melts moving contact has no tightened strength again, the mechanism is locked and the fuse tube drops out, Cutout now is in the open position, When it needs to switch off during cutout loading, the operator shall via insulating operating sticks pull the moving contact, at its beginning main contact and auxiliary static contact is contacted still, Whiling pulling the auxiliary contact is separated between auxiliary contacts there occur electric arc and the arc will be lengthened in arc-extinguishing enclosure gap and meanwhile, arc-extinguishing explodes gas to blow off the arc during current passing zero.

Note: Other marks refer to the following conditions

  1. a) The product that has been improved greatly, but not the developed product needs to be distinguished from the original model, so, it is marked with A, B, C ….
  2. b) The product that is combined with other functional units under the same variety, it is expressed with the upper case letter of

Chinesephonetid alphabet of functional unit, for example,

F—With load breaking device

B—With arrester

  1. c) The derived product that is applicable for the special environment conditions is expressed with the following codes and brackets, for example,

Th—Damp-hot zone type

TA—Dry-hot zone type

G—High altitudetype

W—Pollution resistancetype

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