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GW4-252(D)(W) Outdoor High Voltage Disconnector Switch

GW4-252(D)(W) Outdoor High Voltage Disconnector Switch

Complete isolation switch from GW4-252 pressure isolation switch body, CSA or CS9-G Human actuator, drive accessories and othercomponents, can also be equipped with other electric CJ6 type body.

Disconnectors genus level open-post type, unipolar by each base, post insulator, qualifying seat and contact other components, two post insulators mounted parallel to each other on both ends of the bearing base and perpendicular to the base. Leading electrical portions are mounted above the two insulators, post insulators with for about 900 rotation.

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Bearing dense structure designed to fulfll the isolation switch, to prevent dust, moisture and harmful gases into the jamming phenomenon caused by the internal bearing; inner bearing with thrust ball bearings and ball bearings, the horizontal component of the gravity and disconnector borne by two bearings, so that the isolation switch operating torque does not increase after long-term operation. Between the pole shaft assembly by connecting the two panels, the adjustment screw drive-peer connection. Stainless steel pivot pins and self-lubricating bushings, molybdenum disulfide lubricant for efficient lithium grease.

Qualifying seat in copper braid were fastened conducting rod and patch panels, patch panel for users to connect line use.Touch the contact portion of the middle finger pairs assembled by the spring so that the clamping finger finger seat and contacts, in order to achieve contact with the contact fingers of wear and improve life.

Disconnectors with earthing switch, fan-shaped plate leading electrical circuit and grounding interlock switch on the base and curved panels that switch on when leading electrical circuit, grounding switch is not closing. When the grounding switch is closed, the leading circuit loop can not be closed.

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