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GW4(A)-40.5, 70.5, 126(D)(W) Outdoor High Voltage AC Isolation Switch

GW4(A)-40.5, 70.5, 126(D)(W) Outdoor High Voltage AC Isolation Switch

GW4 Outdoor AC high voltage isolation switch is a two-column three-phase AC 50Hz outdoor high voltage switchgear for power system voltage 10-220kV, the supply voltage at no load for hours together circuits, as well as being on the high voltage bus overhaul , circuit breakers and other electrical equipment and charged high voltage lines for circuit isolation. Pollution prevention isolating switch which can meet the requirements of users in the region re-contamination, and can effectively address the isolation switch in the operation of the flashover problem.

Isolation switch is open double-column horizontal type, the composition of each single stage by the dock, post insulators, outlet and contact other parts of the seat, the two pillars of the insulating porcelain mounted parallel to each other on both ends of the bearing base, and the base vertical . Leading electrical part were installed in the two pillars above the porcelain insulator, porcelain insulator with pillars do 90┬░rotation.

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Each bearing has a built-in isolation switch shaft assembly, the assembly between the two axes by connecting plates, screws and other connecting the drive to adjust.

Refers to the middle portion of the contact pairs of the contact assembly, using self-elastic contact finger in the form of roll-in, in order to reduce opening and closing the contacts and the contact fingers of wear and improve life.

Disconnectors with earthing switch, fan-shaped plate leading electrical circuit and grounding switch and interlock with the base of the curved panels that switch on when leading electrical circuit, grounding switch is not closing, when the grounding switch is closed, the leading electrical circuit can not be closed. Chain plate chain disconnectors and earthing switches on the realization by the agency when equipped with CS8-6D.


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