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GW5-40.5,72.5,126 Outdoor High Voltage Disconnector

GW5-40.5,72.5,126 Outdoor High Voltage Disconnector

GW5 series outdoor high voltage disconnector is a three phase AC switching device for 50 to 60HZ high voltage. It is used for breaking the circuit when there is voltage but without load in the power system with the maximum voltage of 40.5kV.72.5kV or 126kV.

According to the usage, the product is divided into ordinary, anti-dirt and special(Z)types. The special type is further divided into three types, which are mounted in a side, up-side-down or inclining way, so the mounting is flexible.

The earthed switching part of the product has two ways of earthing,i.e.single or double earthing. The earthing switch has a structure of type I or type II and the electric parameters of the type II earthing switch has the same short-circuit withstand ability as the disconnector switch.

The product is provided with a manual or motor operating device and an electromagnetism lock can also be fitted to prevent from wrong operation. The exposed parts are all made of stainless steel or processed with aluminum alloy processing technology or hot-zinc-plating techno-logy to ensure operation with no corrosion for a long period of time, and further ensure the flexibility and reliability of the product, satisfy the requirements in the different areas.

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Isolating switch with double column, contact into open type structure, has the ability of self-cleaning contact, improve the contact reliability;

Finger made of new material with high strength, high conductivity, and high elastic. Relying on the elastic contact finger clamping itself, to avoid the spring corrosion, contact clamping fever caused by annealing

Force to reduce the contact resistance increases, the contact heat intensified the vicious spiral

The rotating part according to the design requirements of the isolating switch maintenance free. The rotating seat designed seal structure, moisture, dust and harmful gas can not enter, bearing, molybdenum disulfide lithium base grease will never work in

A good environment, bearing, never rust, grease can not be lost, never dry up, the isolation switch operating torque will increase after long term operation. Stainless steel shaft and oil-free self-lubricating bearing

With the structure of steel by hot dip galvanizing, ensure the isolation switch operation is flexible, portable and reliable, never rust.

The Description Of The Characteristics Of The Perfect Isolating Switch

  1. All the hot dip galvanizing process embalmed, can not ensure that they meet the requirements of galvanized rotating parts are generally made of stainless steel, stainless steel fasteners m8 below, the rest are hot dip galvanized.
  2. Conductive parts brass soft-linked, among contacts for a “handshake” type of self-type finger spring no current through the external pressure, isolation switch only the middle one contact point, the rest were fixed connection with a soft connection.
  3. New contact structure, contacts and contact base end fixed contacts by deformation and contact pressure spring produce, so that the end of the finger sliding contact to the fixed contact, to improve the conductivity reliability;
  4. Finger spring to external, in order to avoid spring diversion;
  5. To increase the magnetic lock plate, improve dynamic thermal stability.
  6. Turn the department assigned to self-lubricating sleeve, no grease.
  7. The main terminals for flat type. When the current level is 630a, tin-plated conductive member; current rating of 1250a-4000a, the silvered surface of the conductive member.
  8. Porcelain pieces, hot dip galvanized under the cap and make the region according to different levels of contamination can choose different pieces of porcelain from the climb; the nominal value in the manufacturing process, according to the positive control, a creepage distance design higher than the standard value of the design.
  9. The switch post insulator strength density, stable and reliable, high-strength porcelain formulation manufactured, reducing the strength of the product dispersion, increases the tensile strength of the product, the product structure has been designed to use a pre-existing greater strength stay and make the products to ensure stable and reliable in operation.

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