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LZZBW-6,10 Outing Current Transformer

LZZBW-6,10 Outing Current Transformer

LZZB-12W is a outdoor dry casting insulation current transformer wholly enclosed with special outdoor materials of high dynamic thermal stability .high precision, pollution proof, highload and anti-flame ‘avoiding oil leak’ oil deterioration and other disdavantagesjt can be used measurement of current and electric energy as well as relay protection in electric system. Characteristics of product; Realize oil free to protect the environment Exemp annual preventative test of oil-immresed products so as to realize maintenance free and save abundant manpower and material resources. Excellent equipment of transformer station with no one on watch Its manufacturing materials are antiflaming and self extinguishing with waterproof and flameproof performance.

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Main Technical Parameters

  • Product function accord with IEC standards and GB 1208-2006《Current transformer》.
  • Rated insulating level: 12/42/75kv
  • Load power factor: COSф =0.8(lagging)
  • Rated frequency: 50Hz
  • Rated secondary current: 5A(2A,1A)
  • Can be made into different kinds of complex transformation ratio structures
  • Its main technical parameters refer to Table 1


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