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ZN63(VS1)~24KV Series Indoor Sealed Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZN63(VS1)~24KV Series Indoor Sealed Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZN63(VS1)-24series indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is the indoor switchgear used in the system of 3 phases, AC50Hz, rated voltage 24KV as the protection and control unit for power grid, power equipment in industrial enterprises, it is a new generation vacuum breaker designed and manufactured by our company based on domestic and foreign market and production experience for many years. The breaker compies with standards of GB1984, JB3855, DL/L402/403, LEC62771-100 and etc.

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  • The breaker adopted the new module spring operating mechanism, compact structure, simple, reasonable layout, reliable transmission, easy installation.
  • Operating mechanism is integrated with breaker body , namely the whole breaker can be a fixed unit, or mounted on a moving base as carrier unit;
  • Main conductive circuit generally adopts solidly sealed pole, insulating tube is optional as well.
  • Main conductive circuit sealed by solid insulating material to form solid pole column free of maintenance, high reliability, minitype.
  • The breaker is E2 grade one.
  • After installed into the panel, it can provide excellent 5-interlocking functions.

Ambient Condition

  • Altitude: 1 000m and below
  • Ambient temperature: highest+40℃ , Lowest: -25℃
  • Relative humidity: daily average not more then 95%, monthly average not more than 90%Saturated steam pressure: daily average not

more than 2.2×10-3MPa, monthly average not more than 1.8×10-3MPa

  • Earthquake not exceed 8 degree

● The working site shall have no flammable , explosive and corrosive medinm, and no severe vibration.


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