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ZW32-40.5 Type Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZW32-40.5 Type Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZW32-40.5 type outdoor vacuum circuit breaker is rated voltage 35kV, three-phase AC 50Hz outdoor distribution equipment. Mainly used for breaking, closing power system load current, overload current and short circuit current For substation and industrial and mining enterprises distribution system protection and control of workplace use, and frequent operation of rural power grids. The circuit breaker vacuum interrupter technique using solid seal, external insulation silicon rubber sleeve, long life and high reliability, actuator can be miniaturize, highly reliable spring mechanism may also be advanced permanent magnet body. You can also configure isolating switches and intelligent controllers, with but when slicer kind of coincidence used, enabling four remote functions and distribution automation.

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Ambient Condition

  • Ambient air temperature: – 40°C ~ +40°C
  • A height of not more than 2000 meters above sea level
  • The wind speed is not greater than 35m/s
  • Anti-contamination level for grade IV
  • The earthquake intensity does not exceed 8 degrees

● No fire, explosion, severe chemical corrosion of the place


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